Wisdom Re Corona Virus

 Should we obey Pastor's enthusiasm or Commonsense?

These Videos will put your minds at rest.

Please Read This Page For True Biblical Wisdom With This Worldwide Pandemic.

There's quite a bit of confusion in the air from Media, Governments, and some Preachers.

Let Mike Winger help to bring balance and settle your hearts at this time with his practical application of Scripture. Not given to extremes, he is one of the most balanced Bible Teachers I have come across in almost 50 Years with Jesus. His Teaching Videos is one of my latest discoveries and I really Enjoy hearing his explanations and practical applications of Scripture. He has a lot of Wisdom and also has a nice way of lightening us up instead of being dramatic when it comes to dealing with some serious issues, which is exactly what some of us need, after all the drama that has been surrounding us in recent weeks. Everyone is feeling it, aye?

We Desperately Need Some Biblical Wisdom During Coronavirus

by Mike Winger - Bible Thinker

Costi Hinn (Nephew of Benny Hinn) left the Word of Faith Movement some years ago following a true Repentance experience with Jesus whereby he recognised certain imbalances and greed in that Movement, better known as Prosperity Gospel, most Televangelists are schooled in and strongly promote which has caused devastation to many Christians.

Costi has a truly genuine Shepherd's Heart toward God's Children and wishes to protect them from those who "Fleece the Sheep" and also give unbalanced counsel, that "If we're not Healed, it's our fault, not theirs". He also gives Wise Counsel about other things that are helpful to our Christian walk.

Tough Love: Faith Healers and COVID-19 | Redeeming Truth

Warning About Extremists and Rip-Off Televangelists

A Costi Hinn Podcast

Costi Hinn and a ministry friend give some more Safety advice, you may be relieved to hear at this present time.

I like the casually dressed and quietly spoken manner of these podcasts.

They are friendly, polite and discreet. I hope you like them.

Trust God and Prepare Wisely During the #Coronavirus Pandemic | Redeeming Truth

with Costi Hinn and ministry friend.