Spiritual Checklists For Christians

There are two Checklists on this Page to help us in our Quest for a Strong and Healthy


We will find Fulfilling and He will take Pleasure in. Walking with Him should be a Two-Way Relationship.

When we make it One-Way.......What He can do for us without Commitment, it doesn't work, He deserves better!

Scripture says: Blessed are Those who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness, for They will be Filled.

So the 1st Checklist has to do with things we can improve on.

And the 2nd Checklist has to do with how we can live our Life in Christ when things are dealt with

that hinder anyone's walk. In Considering Our Ways where we fall short, we find His Ways are Best.

When we are Decided in our Hearts, we can Live as Happy Healthy Christians -

with the JOY of The Lord being Our Strength in a day to day Walk.

These Polls are completely anonymous, so please feel free to thoughtfully engage in them and Revise sometimes, hey?

Which Of These Describes Your Need To Grow? These Are Anonymous.
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Checklist For Happy Healthy Christians. Which Ones Do You Think You Could Do?
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